Company History
At this time there was a huge demand for drawbar mechanism sand most were imported from foreign countries. Since the delivery time was long and the price was very high, our company decided to manufacture a draw mechanism. In 1989, Yu Wei bought out Yu Li and started Yu Wei Industrial Co., Ltd. at the original site of the factory in Shu Lin city.

Since it was hard to research and design a tooth type drawbar mechanism and improve the quality of processed products, the company decided to purchase drawbar mechanism design software. In subsequent years, new machines are brought in and the old ones were discarded. The production efficiency and product quality were continuously improved. 
Believing that the central and southern part of Taiwan were Taiwan's center for processing and provided service to more customers, the company established Fei Xin Industrial Co., Ltd in 1994 at Tai Ping city of the Tai Chung Xian. The company provided broaching service for component processing factories to improve their product quality and production efficiency. 

To expand our service, increase sales volume and ensure the accuracy of the broached products, the Yu Lien Industiral Corp. Ltd. was established in Gui Shan Xian of Tao Yuan Xian. The establishment of the new company expanded the drawbar mechanism and broaching market. 
Due to the growth of company sales and the insufficient space due to too many machines, the company made a major investment by buying land of 880 square meters on Dahu Road, in Ying Ge Village and in Taipei Hsien. The total surface area of the factory was 1200 square meters. The new factory was finished in 2002 and replaced the old ones. In the same year, the Kuan Shan Yu Wei Industiral Corp. was founded in Kuan Shan city of Jiang Xu province in mainland China. The founding has made our service a success in mainland China.

With the vision to elevate product quality, to improve the delivery rate and to ensure product accuracy, we adopted the ISO9001:2000 quality control system in April 2003. After three months, our company became the first drawbar mechanism manufacturing company to be certified with ISO9001:2000 in July 2003. 

After the success of Jiang Su branch in mainland China in 2002, we started to look for another factory in China again in May 2004. Finally in September, we founded Xing Yu Wei Fine Machine Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen to provide better service to customers in South China.